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George Strait’s Duet Partner in “God and Country Music” is Undeniably Adorable.

The revered King of Country, George Strait, once again demonstrated his timeless appeal with the release of “God and Country Music,” a standout track from his 2019 album, Honky Tonk Time Machine. In an unexpected and heartwarming twist, Strait chose a particularly special duet partner for this song – his own grandson, George Harvey Strait III, affectionately known as Harvey.

Strait’s pride in his grandson was unmistakable as he shared insights into their recording process. “It took several attempts,” George recounted, reflecting on Harvey’s involvement. “I was there with him initially, then I’d step back and let him take the lead. He was completely engaged and excited about the opportunity. For a six-year-old, his dedication was remarkable,” Strait added with a chuckle.

The duo’s live debut of “God and Country Music” took place at a memorable performance during the Houston Rodeo Show in Houston, Texas, in March 2019. Young Harvey, bearing a striking resemblance to his father Bubba, appeared entirely at ease in front of the massive crowd, ready to perform alongside his grandfather. As George Strait commenced the duet, Harvey waited patiently, then seamlessly joined in at the perfect moment, completing the song under his grandfather’s proud gaze. Their performance culminated in a heartfelt embrace and a cheerful wave to the audience, with Harvey exiting the stage with the poise of a much more experienced performer.

The song “God and Country Music,” penned by the talented trio of Luke Laird, Barry Dean, and Lori McKenna, delves into the enduring essence of country music, suggesting it’s one of the rare things in life that remains “still worth saving.” The lyrics poignantly observe the contrasts and constants within country music and life itself, proposing that in the dance between sin and salvation, two things unequivocally merit preservation: God and country music.

George Strait’s musical journey has remained steadfastly loyal to the traditional country sound that has endeared him to fans worldwide. “God and Country Music” is emblematic of Strait’s signature style, blending acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and piano, all harmonized with his rich, comforting vocals that have set records in the genre. This track is a celebration of Strait’s ongoing legacy in country music, inviting both long-time followers and new listeners to revel in the work of a country legend.

For those eager to witness this touching collaboration between George Strait and his grandson Harvey, the video of their “God and Country Music” performance is a must-see. It encapsulates not only the timeless appeal of country music but also the personal connections and family ties that make it all the more significant.

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