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The Elvis imitator that Priscilla Presley prefers has a striking resemblance to Elvis’ voice

I am thrilled to say that someone has come very close to matching Elvis’s iconic voice, and it is truly amazing to hear. This impersonator is so talented that it would be great to hear him perform other songs as well; I can’t wait to see what else he can do.

Despite how fantastic the performances are, they always bring tears to my eyes. It’s impossible not to feel the loss of Elvis, his daughter Lisa Marie, and his grandson Benjamin. They will always be remembered, and we pray that they may all rest in peace and that God blesses their souls.

The impersonator’s attention to detail is impressive, from his sound to his build, expressions, and even his facial resemblance. He is undoubtedly a legitimate Elvis impersonator. From a distance, one could mistake him for the real thing, and only on close-ups can you spot any differences. It’s pretty cool! You can check out his performance in the video below.

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