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Remember When “Angels Among Us” by Alabama Emotionally Stirred Millions?

“Angels Among Us,” a song by Alabama from their album “Cheap Seats,” was released in 1993 as a Christmas single. Its enduring popularity has made it a staple for various occasions year-round. This song’s profound message resonated with many, as lead singer Randy Owen revealed, with hundreds of fans writing to express their gratitude and describe how the song blessed them.

Despite its widespread appeal, “Angels Among Us” did not initially achieve significant commercial success, reaching only No. 51 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. However, it experienced greater success in the following year, though it peaked at No. 22.

Written by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs, “Angels Among Us” is a heartfelt ballad that has been credited with instilling hope and peace in its listeners. The lyrics convey a message of celestial guardianship and guidance during challenging times.

The inspiration for the song came from a personal experience of songwriter Becky Hobbs. After surviving a near-death incident, she was moved by the idea of angelic presence, which led to the creation of this inspirational song.

Becky Hobbs’ journey to writing “Angels Among Us” was marked by premonitions and a life-altering event. During Christmas in 1985, she had a premonition of a terrible accident. This premonition was so strong that it affected her actions and decisions at the time. Her experiences and the profound impact they had on her life fueled the songwriting process, eventually leading to the creation of “Angels Among Us.”

“Angels Among Us” has since become one of Alabama’s most beloved songs, touching the hearts and souls of millions with its message of hope, love, and spiritual guidance.

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