Country Music

You can’t get any better than having two legends share the same stage.

“Remember When” is a song written and performed by country music artist Alan Jackson, first released in 2003. While George Strait did not perform on the original recording, he has since performed the song live with Jackson on multiple occasions.

The song is a nostalgic look back at a long-term relationship and the many ups and downs that come with it. The lyrics touch on everything from falling in love and starting a family to facing challenges and growing old together.

In the expanded version of the song, Jackson and Strait perform together, trading off verses and harmonizing on the chorus. The additional performance adds a new dimension to the song, with the two iconic country artists bringing their own unique styles and interpretations to the lyrics.

The expanded version also features a longer instrumental section, allowing for more intricate guitar work and showcasing the musicianship of both artists. Overall, the expanded version of “Remember When” adds a new level of emotional depth and musicality to an already beloved classic in the country music canon.

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