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Luke Bryan and HunterGirl team up on the finale of Idol to perform Randy Travis’ “I Told You So”.

“I Told You So” is a classic country song written and recorded by the legendary Randy Travis. It was included on his 1988 album “Always & Forever” and quickly became a fan favorite. The song’s simple yet poignant lyrics tell the story of a man who tries to warn his former lover about the consequences of leaving him but is met with resistance. As time passes, the woman realizes her mistake and returns to him, only to hear him say, “I told you so.”

The song’s catchy melody, paired with Travis’ deep and soulful voice, made it an instant hit. It topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling. “I Told You So” has since become a staple of country music and has been covered by several artists, including Carrie Underwood and Chris Young.

In 2009, Travis teamed up with American Idol alumna, Carrie Underwood, to re-record “I Told You So” as a duet. The new version was included on Travis’ album “Around the Bend” and quickly became a hit. The collaboration between Travis and Underwood received widespread praise for their harmonious blend of voices and was even nominated for a Grammy Award.

Overall, “I Told You So” is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. Its relatable lyrics and catchy melody continue to resonate with country music fans all over the world, making it a beloved addition to any country music playlist.

Watch the video below :

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