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David Allan Coe and George Jones perform “This Bottle In My Hand” together. Rest in peace, George Jones.

“This Bottle in My Hand” is a classic country song that has become an anthem for people struggling with addiction. The song was written and recorded by David Allan Coe, a country singer-songwriter who has been active in the music industry since the 1960s.

The lyrics of the song describe a man who is drinking to forget his problems and regrets. He acknowledges that his drinking habit is destroying his life, but he can’t seem to stop himself from reaching for the bottle. The chorus of the song contains the memorable lines “This bottle in my hand / Feels like a long-lost friend / But I’m reaching out for another / And I’m reaching out for the end.”

The song’s powerful lyrics and emotional delivery struck a chord with audiences when it was released and have continued to resonate with listeners over the years. The song has been covered by many other artists, including George Jones, who recorded a duet version with David Allan Coe in 1983.

“The Bottle in My Hand” is often cited as one of David Allan Coe’s greatest hits, and it remains a beloved classic in the world of country music. The song’s themes of addiction, regret, and the struggle to find redemption continue to speak to listeners today.

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