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The Statler Brothers’ haunting rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”

The Statler Brothers’ rendition of “How Great Thou Art” is considered one of the most haunting and beautiful performances of this classic hymn. Initially published in 1949, the song became a global sensation, covered by numerous artists over the decades. The Statler Brothers included their version on their 1969 album “The Statler Brothers Sing Oh Happy Day,” which resonated deeply with audiences, even making it onto the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Their performance of “How Great Thou Art” showcases the group’s exceptional talent and their ability to convey the powerful message of the hymn. The song, based on a traditional Swedish melody and a poem by Carl Boberg, praises God’s wonders and has been recorded over seventeen hundred times, including appearances on major TV programs and in movies. The Statler Brothers’ version stands out for its heartfelt delivery, featuring original member Lew Dewitt before his health issues limited his ability to tour with the group.

The Statler Brothers, formed in 1955 and active until their retirement in 2002, left a significant mark on country and gospel music. Their influence extended beyond their music, as seen in their efforts to give back to their hometown of Staunton, Virginia, through events like the annual “Happy Birthday USA” festival, which celebrated Independence Day and drew up to 100,000 fans each year. Members of the group, despite facing health challenges like Lew DeWitt’s battle with Crohn’s disease and Harold Reid’s struggle with kidney failure, continued to contribute to music and literature even after the group disbanded.

For more detailed information about the Statler Brothers and their iconic performance of “How Great Thou Art,” you can visit the Country Thang Daily article and the GodTube page. For more on the Statler Brothers’ history and contributions to music, Wikipedia provides a comprehensive overview.

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