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“The Angels Cried”: Alan Jackson and Alison Krauss give a captivating duet in this must-see performance.

“The Angels Cried” is a country song performed as a duet by Alan Jackson and Alison Krauss. The song was written by Harley Allen and Debbie Nims and was released in 1993 as a single from Alan Jackson’s album “Honky Tonk Christmas.”

The song tells the story of a couple who have lost their child and are grieving during the Christmas season. The chorus describes the angels in heaven crying over the loss, while the couple tries to find solace in their memories of their child and the hope that they will one day be reunited.

The song features the signature country sound of Jackson’s voice and the harmonies of Krauss. It has become a holiday favorite among country music fans and is often played on radio stations during the Christmas season.

Overall, “The Angels Cried” is a poignant and heartfelt song that captures the emotions of grief, loss, and hope during the holidays.

Watch the video below:

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