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George Strait’s Charming Duet Partner in “God and Country Music” Steals the Show.

The revered King of Country, George Strait, demonstrated he hasn’t missed a beat with the release of “God and Country Music” from his 2019 album, Honky Tonk Time Machine. In an unexpected and delightful twist, Strait chose an exceptionally special duet partner for this track—his own grandson, George Harvey Strait III, affectionately known as Harvey.

Strait couldn’t hide his pride as a grandfather, sharing the experience with warmth. “It took several attempts,” George recounted about Harvey’s involvement in the song. “I was there with him for a bit, guiding him, and then I’d step back and let him take the lead. It was a process, but Harvey was completely on board. He dove into the experience headfirst. To think he was just six years old and so engaged, it’s quite impressive,” Strait reflected with a chuckle.

The charming pair debuted their rendition of “God and Country Music” at the Houston Rodeo Show in Houston, Texas, back in March 2019. Little Harvey, bearing a striking resemblance to his father Bubba, appeared completely at ease in front of the massive crowd that erupted in cheers the moment he approached the microphone.

Harvey’s moment to shine in “God and Country Music” came a bit later in the track. Standing still as a statue, he watched his legendary grandfather begin their duet. Then, seamlessly, without any apparent signal from Strait, Harvey joined in perfectly on cue, concluding the song together, with Strait looking on at his young protégé with evident pride. Their performance culminated in a heartfelt embrace and a wave to the adoring crowd, after which Harvey exited the stage with the poise of a seasoned performer.

“God and Country Music” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of country music, penned by the talented trio of Luke Laird, Barry Dean, and Lori McKenna. The song serves as a poignant reminder that despite life’s trials and tribulations, there remain constants that are “still worth saving”—namely, the divine and the deeply-rooted traditions of country music.

“With its reflective tone, ‘God and Country Music’ explores the duality of loss and discovery, of seeing the light through darkness. It finds its home in the heart of small towns, in the soul of churches, and the lively atmosphere of backroad honky-tonks. It dances on the fine line between sin and salvation, declaring boldly, come what may, that two things remain worth saving: God and country music,” the lyrics poignantly convey.

George Strait’s musical journey has remained true to the traditional, laid-back country sound that has captured hearts worldwide from the onset of his illustrious career. “God and Country Music” is a quintessential George Strait piece, blending the comforting sounds of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and piano, all harmonized by Strait’s rich, inviting vocals that have led to more chart-topping hits than any other country artist. This track is a celebration of Strait’s legacy, a nod to the enduring appeal of traditional country music, and a gift to fans of the genre everywhere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness George Strait and young Harvey’s moving performance of “God and Country Music.” The video below captures not just a song, but a heartwarming family moment that transcends generations, further solidifying Strait’s status as a country music icon.

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