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Eddy Arnold and LeAnn Rimes engage in a wonderful yodeling duet on “Cattle Call” that fans love.

“Cattle Call” is a classic country song that was first recorded by American country music artist Eddy Arnold in 1944. The song features a Western swing sound and tells the story of a cowboy calling cattle with his distinctive “cattle call” yodel.

Arnold’s version of the song became a hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Juke Box Folk Records chart in 1945. The song has since become a staple of the country music genre, with many artists covering it over the years.

The lyrics of the song describe the cowboy’s daily routine of calling cattle and the bond between him and his herd. The song features a memorable refrain in which Arnold yodels the “cattle call,” adding to the authenticity and charm of the track.

Arnold’s performance of the song is notable for his smooth vocals and effortless yodeling, showcasing his impressive range and musicianship. The song has since been covered by many other artists, including Elvis Presley, who included a version of the song on his album “From Elvis in Memphis” in 1969.

Despite its age, “Cattle Call” remains a beloved classic in the country music canon, and its timeless message and catchy melody continue to thrill audiences to this day.

Watch the video below :

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