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Vince Gill honors Loretta Lynn by singing “Go Rest High On That Mountain” as a tribute.

“Go Rest High on That Mountain” is a poignant country song that was written and recorded by Vince Gill in 1995 as a tribute to his late brother. The song has since become a beloved classic and remains one of Gill’s most famous and emotional performances.

In 2019, Gill performed “Go Rest High on That Mountain” during a tribute concert for Loretta Lynn, who is a legendary country singer and one of Gill’s longtime friends and collaborators. The performance was particularly moving, as it demonstrated the depth of emotion and personal significance behind the song.

The lyrics of “Go Rest High on That Mountain” are filled with themes of loss and grief, but also offer a message of hope and redemption. The song’s soaring melody, coupled with Gill’s powerful vocals, make it a true masterpiece of country music.

Overall, Gill’s performance of “Go Rest High on That Mountain” during the Loretta Lynn tribute was a touching reminder of the enduring power of music to heal and inspire, even in the face of tragedy and loss.

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