Country Music

Josh Turner’s voice in “Three Wooden Crosses” is incredibly soulful and has the power to move listeners.

Country Music star and South Carolina native Josh Turner probably has one of the most traditional voices that can be found in a genuine country sound.

His baritone and deep voice allows him to perform at the highest level.

As evidence that, his songs are an instant hit and have been able to top the charts. He has covered some of the hits of legendary country artists, Turner proves that he is a modern man with a traditional voice and a soulful.

In 2016, in celebration of the 50th Annual Country Music Academy (CMA) Awards, Josh Turner is one of the artists who paid tribute and honored country music superstars and legends by singing their songs.

In a moving performance, Turner sang “Three Wooden Crosses” by Randy Travis. Indeed, Turner is probably the best yet to have covered this amazing classic gospel tune.

WATCH: Josh Turner sings Randy Travis’ 2003 gospel hit “Three Wooden Crosses” at the Forever Country Cover Series.

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